The Central Park Carriage Company is a collective of 30 owner operators who have come together to ensure that proper business practices are adhered to.


Our members come from all over the world, many languages are spoken including but not limited to Spanish, Italian, Polish, and Portuguese.


Many of our members have been driving horse drawn carriages for more than 25 years. Although we come from all over the globe, we are all New Yorkers.

Not only do we know Central Park, we most certainly know New York.


Our drivers own their own horses and equipment, some of whom are co-owners of the largest carriage stable in New York.


For us, it's not just a job, it's a way of life. 


Central Park Carriage Company

Tel:  +1 (917) 670-8595

Email:   centralparkcarriagecompany@gmail.com

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N.B. There are unauthorized vendors pretending to sell carriage rides on the street. They have signs with a picture of a horse and carriage, but no actual carriage rides to sell. These are pedicab vendors trying to trick you into taking a tricycle ride instead of a carriage ride at our legal rates and through our legal routes.


Champagne in one of our horse drawn carriages.