• Fall 1 Hour Special!

    1 hr


  • 20 Minute Carriage Tour

    The Short Carriage Tour (for those on a schedule)

    20 min


  • 40 Minute Carriage Ride

    A great way to extend your tour in Central park.

    40 min


  • Fashion & Movie Shoots

    We are available for Fashion Photography & Movie Shoots and Advertisin...

    1 hr


  • 50 Minute Tour

    A Comprehensive Horse and CarriageTour of Central Park

    50 min


  • 60 Minute Tour

    The Grand Deluxe ONE HOUR TOUR.

    1 hr


Central Park Carriage Company

Tel:  +1 (917) 670-8595

Email:   centralparkcarriagecompany@gmail.com

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N.B. There are unauthorized vendors pretending to sell carriage rides on the street. They have signs with a picture of a horse and carriage, but no actual carriage rides to sell. These are pedicab vendors trying to trick you into taking a tricycle ride instead of a carriage ride at our legal rates and through our legal routes.